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Who We Are • Nikolai Timonin

Name Nikolai Timonin
Born: 1970
Hometown: St.Petersburg, Russia
Occupation: River guide, expedition leader and photographer
Experience: Whitewater kayaking since 1992
Preferable: Expedition kayaking
Website: http://kayaking.ru
Email: click here

The Bio

Born in St.Petersburg, I used to spend summer time in the Urals Mountains, where my grand-parents lived. Hiking all over the Urals and floating local rivers in a simple inflatable boat, I fell in love with these wonderful places and with the outdoors.

While graduating in the St.Petersburg University in late 1980-s, I discovered the joy of whitewater and never gave it up since then. Finally, there was a kayak, the sign of total freedom that drove me crazy about mountains and mountain rivers.

Every season was full of whitewater trips and expeditions across Russia, and then Central Asia, the Himalayas and other places. By now I have kayaked nearly all known whitewater rivers in all corners of the former USSR, and many rivers in northern India and Nepal.

Finally I became a full-time river guide and dedicated my life to the outdoors. I now can be more likely reached on my satellite phone than the cellular one.

Rivers and Expeditions

  • Chong-Kemin expedition, Kyrgyzstan, 1993.
  • Karagem/Argut expedition, Siberia, 1994.
  • Chulyshman expedition, Siberia, 1996.
  • Bashkaus expedition, Siberia (possibly 1st kayak descent), 1997 & 1998. Filmed in “Free-Flying” Russian whitewater video.
  • Upper Tamur and Mewa Khola expedition, Nepal, 2001.
  • Across Altai expedition, Siberia (several 1st descents), 2002. Filmed in “CH2-CH2 III” Russian extreme kayak video. Article printed in “EX” Russian outdoor magazine.
  • Upper Gonachkhir and Upper Uzunkhol, Caucasus (1st descent), 2002. Shown on the central Russian TV channel (“Russian Extreme” outdoor program).
  • Across Tien-Shan expedition, Kyrgyzstan (several 1st descents), 2003. Article printed in “Vertical World” Russian outdoor magazine.
  • Upper Humla Karnali expedition, Nepal, 2004.
  • Across Pamirs expedition, Tajikistan, 2004.
  • And many other rivers in Siberia, Central Asia, Caucasus, Himalaya, South Asia, Scandinavia & Alps.

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