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Trip Schedule
Expeditions by Region

Here we present a number of ready-to-eat whitewater kayak expeditions in Russia and the former USSR. Some of these we run on a regular basis (watch the schedule on our website); others can be arranged on request. Read more...

Altai (Russia)

Chuya / Katun, 6-8 days, Class 2-3 (4)
A relatively easy, still very beautiful trip without too much self-support. Suitable for intermediate and even beginners. Few class 4 rapids can be easily portaged if necessary.

Shavla / Argut / Katun, 8-10 days, Class 3-4
A medium difficulty trip in remote and unspoiled valley, which can be topped with 1-2 days trek to the famous Shavla Lakes. Suitable for intermediate paddlers.

Karagem / Argut / Katun, 12-14 days, Class 4-5
A classic self-support trip in the central Altai, in a very remote valley, combining very diverse rivers and landscapes. Suitable for advanced paddlers.

Chulyshman / Bashkaus, 12-14 days, Class 4-5
A classic self-support trip in the western Altai, combining some of the best whitewater of the area. Suitable for advanced paddlers.

Tien-Shan (Kyrgyzstan)

Chong-Kemin / Kekemeren / Naryn, 8-10 days, Class 4 (5-)
A medium difficulty trip with relatively easy access from Bishkek and not too much self-support. Suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

Naryn Sources and Tributaries, 10-12 days, Class 4-5
Putting together all the classic rivers of the Inner Tien-Shan, including some extremely remote valleys. Suitable for advanced paddlers.

Pamirs and Gissar-Alai (Tajikistan)

Matcha / Iskander / Fann-Darya, 6-8 days, Class 3-4 (5)
A medium difficulty trip without self-support in the Gissar-Alai. Can be combined with trekking in the famous Fann Mountains. Suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

Pyanj Tributaries, 8-10 days, Class 4-5
All the classic rivers of the South-Western Pamirs without any self-support, this trip is for those who do not like lost valleys and hate loaded boats. Suitable for advanced paddlers.

Muksu, 12-14 days, Class 5 (5+)
An ultimate itinerary for crazies in a completely isolated corner of Northern Pamirs. Very demanding, both physically and mentally. Suitable for experienced expedition paddlers only.

General Information

All these expeditions are kayaking trips and are targeted to the whitewater kayakers who want to explore rivers in Whitewater Russia, nearly unknown in the West. All trips are either "light boat" runs (where roads allow) or self-support descents; there are no gear rafts or catarafts either. We believe an unconstrained raftless kayak group is much faster, much more flexible and is much more fun on the river.

Unlike typical single-river rafting trips, these expeditions usually link several rivers in a region. An appropriate vehicle is available through the whole journey, allowing to paddle light wherever possible and to store unnecessary gear if a self-support run is planned.

Due to their nature, all these expeditions are very much custom trips; therefore we cannot give exact itineraries, dates and prices here. All the details are highly negotiable during the preparation period. But, as a rule, the prices include all guide, accommodation, transport and food cost during the expedition time. Equipment hire can be made available on special request.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions you may have - thank you.

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