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River Guide • Altai • Chebdar
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Difficulty in August: 4-5
From: Synyrlu Confluence - Alt. 1020 m (3350 ft)
To: Bashkaus Confluence - Alt. 500 m (1640 ft)
Distance: 25 km (15 miles)
River Days: 2-4 (plus 1-2 days trekking in)
Average Gradient: 20 m/km (100 ft/mile)
Est. Max Gradient: 30-40 m/km (150-200 ft/mile)
Typical Flow in August: 10-20 cms (350-700 cfs)
Best Season: July-August
First-hand Information: NO

Chebdar area map
Chebdar area map

The Chebdar is the only significant and paddleable tributary of the Bashkaus, coming in from the left where the Lower Gorge of the Bashkaus ends, not far from Chulyshman confluence.

The river starts on the plateau west to the lower Bashkaus valley and for the first 25-30 km it is a small stream flowing north and probably is not of much interest. At the point where Chebdar valley swings east (towards Bashkaus), three large tributaries, each nearly the size of the main river, come in and make it paddleable. The last of these, Synyrlu, has a trail along coming down to the confluence and this was reported as the optimal put-in.

After Synyrlu confluence, the Chebdar flows in a narrow 25 km long gorge that cuts through all the way to Bashkaus. This section was reported as quite similar to the Lower Gorge of the Bashkaus, but narrower, tougher, steeper and with less water. Both banks are generally not passable, and there is significant rock fall danger especially in rainy weather.

Access & Logistics
The way to the put-in requires trekking from lower Chulyshman valley, which in turn can be accessed by the Ulagan – Teletskoye Lake road (see Bashkaus and Chulyshman descriptions for details).

The trek starts along the same Achelman trail as the Chili trek does (see Greater Chili description for details), but having climbed on the plateau you should fork south-west (instead of north-west for Chili). The trail then crosses two passes before reaching finally the Synyrlu valley. Overall trek distance is about 30-35 km (18-22 miles) and can be done by a well fit group in about 2 days.

Another option can be to start trekking from near Chebdar – Bashkaus confluence (accessible by rough track from the Chulyshman), joining the same trail up on the plateau. This variant should be a bit shorter, but the trail is worse and more difficult.

Take-out is possible at any place after Bashkaus confluence (see Bashkaus description for details).

River Description
The river has been run just few times and there is almost no information available. A couple of Russian cataraft groups had run it from Synyrlu confluence in the past and the Americans (Seth Warren, Nick Turner and others) have reportedly kayaked some of it in 2004.

No other data is available at this time.

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