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CH2-CH2 part III

CH2-CH2 is the chemical formula for the polyethylene; this is what we are made of. The third film in this series was created after one of the most successful whitewater seasons in Russia.

The action was launched in Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Altay and Caucasus, where some of the best kayakers have done extreme runs and first descents.

CH2-CH2 Cover

CH2-CH2 III is the russian paddlers' revelations, magnificent nature, tricks and jokes, but first of all it's the ultimate whitewater.

All this mixed up with a drumfire sound (Metallica, Sublime, RHCP, Spin Doctors, Suicidal Tendencies, Papa Roach, Guano Apes, Moby, Limp Bizkit and others) will stick to everyone's memory forever!

Directed by: Vasili Mozzhukhin

  • Milan Extreme Video Festival winner
  • Banff Mountain Film Festival member


  • Vasili Mozzhukhin
  • Nikolai Timonin
  • Arseni Boldyrev
  • Alexander Mikhelev.


  • Nikolai Timonin
  • Vasili Mozzhukhin
  • Alexei Shamov
  • Andreas Sommer
  • Arseni Boldyrev
  • Anton Lazko
  • Konstantin Vasin
  • Alexander Mikhelev
  • Yaroslav Kvasov
  • Nikolai Belyaev
  • Denis Dubrovin

Watch the trailer

CH2-CH2 Trailer
CH2-CH2 Trailer
[WMV 2Mb]

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