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Siberia-Kyrgyzstan: ONLINE

Expedition that began as the Himalayan Rally, was forced to stop on its current achievements. Still, two months of continuous kayaking in the Altai, Tien-Shan and Pamirs-Alai is not that bad.

Online reports from the expedition 2005

BAON Extreme Race

Report from the BAON extreme race, which took place in the Caucasus from June 23-25 2005.

Konstantin "Doctor" Vasin - June 2005

Arun Experience

It's hot and sweat trickles into my eyes. Damn it, this kayak's heavy...

Andreas "Andy" Sommer - April 2005

The Sacred River Ganges

Up go steep walls with prickly bushes, the exit nowhere in sight...

Konstantin "Doctor" Vasin - April 2005

Sri Lanka 2004

November-December: a bunch of wild Russian kayakers paddle Sri Lanka.

Oleg Golovkin - December 2004

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Каякинг, гребной слалом, каяк, Академия Белой Воды

Видео-портал об экстремальном сплаве, каякинге, гребном слаломе, родео на бурной воде

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